Discipleship Resources

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OT Survey: The Law

Week 1: Course syllabus, Intro to Jesus' Bible, Intro to the Law
Week 2: Genesis
Week 3: Exodus
Week 4: Leviticus
Week 5: Numbers
Week 6: Deuteronomy

OT Survey: Former Prophets

Week 1: Course syllabus, Former Prophets, Joshua OT Survey History
Week 2: Judges
Week 3: 1-2 Samuel
Week 4: 1-2 Kings
Week 5: No handout

OT Survey: Latter Prophets

Week 1: Course syllabus; Jeremiah
Week 2: Ezekiel
Week 3: No class -- Members' Meeting
Week 4: Isaiah; What It Means To Be Holy
Week 5: The Twelve

OT Survey: Former Writings

Week 1: Ruth & Psalms; Quotes on Psalms; Dempster on Psalms; Intro to the Psalms
Week 2: No class -- baptism service
Week 3: Job
Week 4: Proverbs
Week 5: No class -- March break
Week 6: Ecclesiastes; Song of Songs; Lamentations


Helping Relationships

Week 1: Course syllabus, Introduction, Case study
Week 2: Identity
Week 3: Love, Case study 2
Week 4: Know
Week 5: Speak
Week 6: Do

Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Life

Week 1: Course syllabus, Handout
Week 2: Bible Intake Part 1
Week 3: Bible Intake Part 2, "Journibles", The Approach to Memorization
Week 4: Prayer
Week 5: Worship
Week 6: Evangelism
Week 7: Serving
Week 8: Stewardship
Week 9: Fasting
Week 10: Silence and Solitude
Week 11: Course Recap

Fear of Man

Week 1: Course Syllabus, Rationale for the Class and Fear of Being Exposed
Week 2: How and Why We Fear Others - Part 2
Week 3: How to Overcome the Fear of Man: Knowing and Growing in the Fear of the Lord
Week 4: How to Overcome the Fear of Man: Knowing Our True Needs
Week 5: How to Overcome the Fear of Man: Let's Talk about Love

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